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Capital deposit for companies in the process of incorporation

  • Open your capital deposit account instantly
  • Automatic issuance of the certificate of deposit of funds

Account management

  • Open a bank payment account with a French IBAN number (in a first-tier banking establishment)
  • Create sub-account for management by project or by team
  • Organize complex management of employee/associate rights on accounts (account information, viewing statements, account utilization, confirmation of operations, etc.)
  • Real-time management of foreign exchange transactions

Management and reconciliation of payments

  • Sequencing of specific actions. Example: trigger a supplier payment when a customer payment is received.
  • Assign different virtual IBANs for each of your customers to automate payment reconciliation
  • Customizable push notifications when making payments or receiving funds

Issuance and management of payment cards

  • Create real or virtual cards in 1 click
  • Manage your payment ceiling
  • Complex permission sequencing. Example: Authorize debit on certain days, certain hours and certain merchants or depending on a balance on the account or due process of a customer payment.
  • Special functions for online advertising purchase payments (Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.)

Multi-channel payment collection solution

  • Online by Credit Card
  • At a physical point of sale via a payment terminal
  • Open a payment collection account and monitor your flows
  • Smartrouting, optimization of customer payments collection

Flow management and reconciliation

  • Multi-account dashboard: global view of all your bank accounts and payment collection accounts
  • KPIs: Turnover, payment conversion rate, advertisements expenses, etc.
  • Reconciliation of turnover with payment collection (multi-channel)
  • Automatic calculation and reconciliation of your MOSS / VAT declarations
  • Smart exports to integrate information directly into the accounting software or ERP

Optimization of KYC / KYB

  • 100% online solution, fluid, fast and without surprises
  • Identity verification by facial recognition

Integration of our banking solutions directly into your offers

  • Payment account opened with your own label (under white label)
  • Issuance of payment cards for your customers

Compliance of payment flows with the latest tax regulations


Compliance of payment flows with the latest directives and tax regulations

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