Use Cases

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to your specific needs. We know how to adapt to all payment-related needs. Our expertise and our technology allow us to quickly adapt to all your payment-related needs


Back-office of a bank for teenagers

Problem: Implementation of the bank back-office with very specific rules

The entrepreneur wanted to develop a bank for children and teenagers by focusing on the strategic and marketing aspects. For this, he needed to offer his customers the ability to open payment accounts and issue payment cards with strict rules of use and special notification settings.

Our solution

  • Implementation of our white label solution allowing the opening of bank accounts on the website of our client under record time
  • Implementation of restriction on payments and withdrawals: payment ceilings, blocking on certain sites, automatic calls for pocket money on defined dates, etc.
  • Possibility for parents to block / unblock the account or the card and to configure personalized alerts

E-merchant BtoC

Implementation of banking tools adapted to Media Buy

Problem: Media buy monitoring and control

An e-commerce player buys large volumes of advertising on media-buy platforms such as Google Ads:

  • This e-commerce player needs multiple high cap payment cards for each of his teams
  • He also wants to be able to simply reconcile related sales for his finance department

Our solution

  • Creation of a payment account
  • Setting up of sub-accounts by country and by business vertical
  • Issuance of virtual payment cards with limitation of payments to Google Ads
  • Implementation of an API to record sales linked to theses virtual cards and generate campaign performance reports

Software publisher

Enhancement of the customer offer and organization of payment data

Problem: A software publisher needs to integrate banking data in its offer in order to enhance its value proposition

A start-up that offers a SaaS solution for rental management wishes to enhance its offer by offering its customers a banking offer adapted to their needs. This enhancement must also allow this startup to use the data to generate upsells.

Our solution

  • Integration of a one-click self-service payment account opening offer
  • Creation of dedicated sub-accounts for each asset to facilitate their management
  • Implementation of cost distribution rules on sub-accounts to calculate profitability
  • Notification via push mail / SMS in the event of late payment of the tenants
  • Processing of data allowing the publisher to offer its customers targeted services


E-merchant specialized in ticketing

Problem: Reconciliation of complex flows

An online ticketing platform needs to reconcile the funds paid by its customers with the information from its back-office in order to identify anomalies such as order errors, double collection of payments or delays in payment of networks like Visa or Mastercard. The sheer volume of transactions rendering any manual reconciliation impossible.

Our solution

In less than 60 days we managed to:

  • Open a payment account to receive funds:
  • Integration of flows from card payments
  • Integration of backoffice flows
  • Creation of a set of rules in the automatic reconciliation tool
  • Generate accounting entry files that are automatically injected into the accounting ERP


Setting-up and monitoring of accounts adapted to the business specificities

Problem: A fiduciary wants to optimally manage the finances of its clients

A fiduciary wants to be able to open payment accounts for its clients in a simple and automated way. In addition, the fiduciary would like these accounts to be integrated into a 360 dashboard.

Our solution

  • Implementation of our white label solution allowing the opening of payment accounts on the fiduciary website
  • Implementation of an online KYC, automated and adapted to fiduciary rules
  • Processing of complex legal structuration
  • Management of signature rules adapted to the fiduciary sector
  • Implementation of a management dashboard

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